Tuesday, July 21, 2009

: Charlotte Jean Parris


Our little miracle turned 2 this Saturday and it's been an amazing / wonderful / exciting / scary wild ride the last 2 years. She's come a long way from being our little 2lb 8oz fragile little one. She now scales cribs to be free and yell "I DID IT!!", which is currently striking fear in our hearts to what exactly she did :) She's stubborn, strong willed and funny as all get out, and we love her more and more each day!

We love you Charlie, your mom & I are so ridiculously proud of you! how far you've come and how far you're going to go, how you continue to grow each day and all your new little things like fake sneezing, when you fake laugh and put your hands on your face and lean over, you're wink... all too much!

We love you sweetie, thank you for being such a wonderful daughter!!

Here's a little slideshow of pics from the past year, with a few from the beginning when we weren't sure she was going to be around this long. Mahalo to all the family & friends who've helped us along the way, you're love and support is so deeply appreciated!!

Aloha & mahalo!!

This is a pretty long slideshow (4 minutes) so it might take a while to load. And the music is from Coldplay's free album "Left Right Left Right Left" (download online & given away at their shows), highly recommend downloading it and buying all their albums! :)


Anonymous said...

amazing to see you beautiful little girl growing up so quickly! She is so big. You and Jess must be super proud