Thursday, July 23, 2009

: Coleman Family

Coleman Family - 06, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

San Clemente, CA

I'd like you to meet the Coleman's, I'll give you a minute to bask in their all American awesomeness and good looks... all set? Good. We've known Dawn & Jake for about 7 years (wow, nutty!). Dawn was actually the Children's pastor @ Sojourners (formerly UP) and then talked Jess into joining staff when Dawn was pregnant with Marshall. Fast forward to this year and look at them & the kids, so adorable & awesome all around! San Clemente is where they like to go to get all their beachiness fun in, so we headed there for some more fun, and fun it was!!

Coleman Family - 04

Coleman Family - 05

so stinkin' cute!

Coleman Family - 09

always coming & going :D

Coleman Family - 10

One of my favorites

Coleman Family - 11

Coleman Family - 25

Again, so stinkin cute

Coleman Family - 13

Coleman Family - 12

Coleman Family - 27

Turns out the water was a little colder than Dawn realized :) I love this one

Coleman Family - 17

Coleman Family - 19

In honor of ComicCon, Jake doing his best water bending skills, which are pretty good, I won't lie :D

Coleman Family - 30


Coleman Family - 35

And then Jake unleashed the Kamehameha, you can see the fear / awe in Dawn & Marshall's eyes :D

Coleman Family - 37

she could have returned the favor, but she was kind and didn't... yet :)

Coleman Family - 39

Coleman Family - 40

it's a boy thing

Coleman Family - 23

Coleman Family - 15

Coleman Family - 14

Coleman family, we love you! You are an amazing family and it is our pleasure to know you! Mahalo for the wonderful, fun filled day!!

Coleman Family - 55


Valerie of Momia said...

I love these pics! Beautiful, photogenic family and excellent photography!! :)

Sarah said...

Those turned out so great!! I love them... i really need to hire you to take pictures of the three of us...

great job!

Beth said...

What fantastic pictures of amazing people!