Wednesday, July 29, 2009

: Kristin & Erik's engagement session

Kristin & Erik - 01, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Balboa Beach, CA

Not only was it free Slurpee day at 7-11, but I got to shoot an engagement session, big win all around! These two are awesome & active, and by active, I mean triathlon active :) We shot down at Balboa because that's where they like to go, and not just for some lovely stroll on the beach (which of course is a bonus too) but because it's a great place to bike to (20 miles round trip) run 30 miles and swim about 50 miles... so maybe the last two were a bit exaggerated, but still, they do both of those things with the distance measure in miles. I of course, am uber impressed!

Now, I suggest you get your eclipse glasses ready and prepare for the awesomeness...

Kristin & Erik - 07

Kristin says Eriks bad for her teeth, because he's so sweet & because she wants to just grit her teeth all the time...

Kristin & Erik - 31

Kristin & Erik - 46

Kristin & Erik - 08

more laughing :D

Kristin & Erik - 11

Then there was this... a segway tour on the pier and these two lovely ladies asked to be in the picture. Sure, why not :D

Kristin & Erik - 33

Love it!

Kristin & Erik - 14

Kristin & Erik - 35

Wardrobe change, but not featuring Erik's favorite shirt, it was given some time off

Kristin & Erik - 36

love it part two

Kristin & Erik - 16

love it part three

Kristin & Erik - 18

Kristin & Erik - 26

Time for the biking portion. We rode the Balboa ferry over and then back, which was awesome!

Kristin & Erik - 06

Kristin & Erik - 04

Kristin & Erik - 23

I think Erik should be called the Admiral, because he looks very Admiral-ey

Kristin & Erik - 05

Intentional Cheese (great name for a band by the way!), I think they'll get their own show on the CW soon - undercover bike cops cleaning the beach of riff raff & insert thumbs up here

Kristin & Erik - 40

Now for the running

Kristin & Erik - 29

Kristin & Erik - 42

They said they love to do this after every walk, ride, run or swim, I'm totally down for it

Kristin & Erik - 43

:D Or maybe it was this...

Kristin & Erik - 45

Mahalo to Kristin & Erik, you guys are amazing!! And thank you for helping me get my work out & realize how much more I need to work out :)