Wednesday, December 16, 2009

: Andy & Sara's e-sesh

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This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going up to Gilroy for the wedding of Andy & Sara. I was able to go up there a little early to shoot the engagement session. Of course, it was raining. No worries though, we did a two parter. Day 1 in the park down the street from their house and Day 2 after the rehearsal in the forest... yup, forest. freakin' awesome!

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Love it

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Love it!

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Love it!!

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Day 2 - the forest. Redwood forest. Gorgeous. Add these two, and even though it's raining, it's a forest fire of awesome! Boom!

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Beautiful forest + beautiful people = forest fire of awesome

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Yeah, check out the shoes - rad!

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Owning it!!

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I won't lie, I kept waiting for speeder bikes or ewoks to jump out. Loved this location, so awesome, so much (insert french accent here) roooomance!!

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Jenny Livingston said...

Aren't they beautiful! They are a perfect couple:-)