Thursday, December 17, 2009

: Wrather Family

WratherFam 010, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.


I'd like you to meet Stephanie & Rich and the newest addition to the fam, Adam. Such a fun shoot on an absolutely beautiful day, some clouds, but great light and a fun shoot at Hillcrest. There is going to be a series of shoots with the little man coming up, which is going to be a blast! He has such awesome blue eyes! Gap, take note people, this little man could totally be your next baby in all the ads :D And now - the Wrather family!

Adam's Outfit is so rad!
WratherFam 001

Lovin the little man's smile!
WratherFam 002

WratherFam 003

Both Rich & Stephanie are absolutely hilarious, but Adam likes to go for the somewhat serious look for the camera. we'll see what we can do about that :D
WratherFam 004

WratherFam 005

Little stud rockin' the Ralph Lauren shoes. Seriously, dapper lil' man!
WratherFam 000

So awesome!
WratherFam 007

And the last hat change (a man after my own heart)
WratherFam 008

A - Door - Uble!
WratherFam 000.5

WratherFam 009

WratherFam 011

we're just chattin
WratherFam 012

love these next three
WratherFam 013

WratherFam 014

WratherFam 015

Mahalo to you Rich & Stephanie, you're amazing people and have a wonderful baby boy!