Saturday, December 19, 2009

: Mr. & Mrs. Andy & Sara Barham

Andy&Sara 001


The forest fire of awesome continued on Saturday with the wedding of Andy & Sara at the Willey House (or Willey Cultural Center) in Gilroy which is a beautiful location, if you're looking for a spot, this is it, great character!!

Andy & Sara had a wonderful & absolutely gorgeous wedding, stunning details, so much laughter, and wonderful touches that made this GORGEOUS day theirs, loved every second of the rain filled, blustery & all around beautiful day!

And bonus, I had the lovely Deanna Rose of Urban Photography out to shoot along with me, which was rad!! Thanks Deanna, be sure to check out her site for her visions too!

Beauty begins after the jump...

Andy&Sara wedding 001

Andy&Sara wedding 002

Andy&Sara wedding 005

YES, such rad shoes for her big day!!
Andy&Sara wedding 004

Andy&Sara wedding 006

love it!
Andy&Sara wedding 007

Andy&Sara wedding 008

there were 3 buttons up top that took an army of fingers & a barrette to get on
Andy&Sara wedding 009

Andy&Sara wedding 010

love it!
Andy&Sara wedding 011

Andy&Sara wedding 012

Can anyone name what this is. It is part of something that played an important part of the day, which was awesome!
Andy&Sara wedding 013

Andy&Sara wedding 014

Andy&Sara wedding 016-pola

Andy&Sara wedding 018

ring bearer & flower girl checking out the sites :D
Andy&Sara wedding 019

One kiss to rule them all... hint hint...
Andy&Sara wedding 020

A quick break in the rain for about 7 minutes, so we walked across the street to the Gilroy Museum with the bridal party which was Laura (Andy's sister) & Aimee (Sara's sister). Such a great wedding!!
Andy&Sara wedding 022

Andy&Sara 002

love it & the reactions :D
Andy&Sara wedding 023

Andy & the gents (great band name by the way)
Andy&Sara wedding 024

Sara & the ladies. which, there is a picture after this that I'll hold onto, let's just say - awesome :D Shout out to Jenny Main!! What up Jenny! :D
Andy&Sara wedding 025

Cupcake towers rule and so, so good! Sara's mom made Red Velvet, Carrot, Chocolate with Cream Cheese center & Cheesecake... holy delicious in my mouth! So good!
Andy&Sara wedding 028

And the carnage
Andy&Sara wedding 027

Andy&Sara wedding 029

When it came time to leave, guests were able to grab a handful of rosemary to throw, some guests (under 3 feet) grabbed a few more and had some fun. you can see the mischief brewing...
Andy&Sara wedding 031

smelled amazing though, for sure!
Andy&Sara wedding 032

Andy&Sara 006

To all involved, it was absolutely amazing!! Andy & Sara, much mahalo for having me up, it was a SPECTACULAR & perfect day!! much aloha!


Deanna said...

These are gorgeous Will and it was so fabulous to meet you!

Mike said...

How many Ws is appropriate when I type out "aww" for these pictures?

I'm thinking 8, maybe 9.


(yeah, 9)

sara said...

sooooo awesome Will, thank you so much for joining us and being our photographer!!!!