Wednesday, February 3, 2010

: Exploring Seattle

Seattle 048
Seattle 048, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

Things have been a little bonkers, but I'm back on the blog duty, apologies for the delay.

This is from my 7 hour layover in Seattle, first trip there, carried my backpack which had my laptop, headphones and a grip o' gear all around Seattle. Freakin' love Seattle, amazing city. Rained a little & realized my wearing glasses wasn't so great, unless I some of those wipers on my glasses, then it would rule. But I loved it and totally worth a 7 hour layover. Seattle, mahalo! I'll be back, fo sho!!

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Seattle 001

Seattle 003

Seattle 004

Seattle 005

thumbnail size of a 20 foot wall covered in the reflectors. pretty rad
Seattle 006

Seattle 008

saw some stellar art riding the light rail/metro/subway/monorail/choo choo...
Seattle 010

My stop, forgot the stations name, but it was empty - perfect!
Seattle 011

Seattle 012

evil ostritch
Seattle 013.5

Seattle 013

Seattle 015

Seattle 016

Seattle 017

Seattle 018

Seattle 019

of course I went & holy moly, so much I could've shot
Seattle 026

Seattle 024

Seattle 025

Seattle 021

around the area
Seattle 020

Seattle 022

Seattle 029

Seattle 028

Seattle 032

tram ride to it
Seattle 033

Seattle 034

wa waaaa, costs a ton to go up. I'll stick to down below... for now
Seattle 035

fun from below
Seattle 036

Seattle 037

one of my favorite cartoons in college
Seattle 038

Seattle 039

Seattle 041

Seattle 043

had to take a pic of it
Seattle 042

library, amazing structure
Seattle 050

Seattle 049

riding back to catch the flight, pack digging in my back but so, absolutely worth it. So much!
Seattle 051


The Clan Piccini said...

AWESOME, Will! The Needle pictures were amazing, as were the alley pictures. Seattle is truly an amazing city... glad you got to spend some time checking it out :o)

leslieeva said...

These pics are awesome! We love Seattle! Rob use to live there while in high school. His Dad still lives there so we usually visit a couple times a year. Its such a cool city! I wish I had crazy photog skills like you! You are a very talented artist!