Tuesday, February 9, 2010

: Mandy & Chris' engagement session

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January 2010
The hills... insert song & joyous frolicking here

World, I'd like to introduce you to Mandy & Chris. Little known fact, they are also part of the newly discovered Taxonomic rank or biological classification known as Radimus. This is applied to humans to have achieved the status of radical (or the short form known as rad) in the eyes of it's society. Mandy & Chris have done that, no problem!

The shoot was amazing, wonderful light, beautiful green grass everywhere, a little suggestion sign that was more of an invite and of course, two beautiful/handsome, wonderful & amazing people who love each other and are absolute naturals in front of the camera! Mandy & Chris, thank you! Thanks for laughing & adventuring with me, you two were rad!

More joyous frolicking after the jump!

love it!
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love it!!
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...too many love it!
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classic rad
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The suggestion signs & the third member of the party, Spark. Awesome!
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social butterfly. said...

You are so talented! These pictures are lovely with wonderful artistic elements. (I'm totally bias as to the subjects, but that has no bearing on my appreciation! ;) )

Can't wait to meet you on the Big Day! Keep shooting. (Photographs.)