Friday, March 5, 2010

: Jen & Kevin's engagement session

Jen & Kevin 028, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

February 2010
San Diego...

Which in German means... I forget, but what Jen & Kevin means in Irish is 2 rad people who bring the heat but are as smooth as Guiness (Guiness is a registered trademark of the Guiness brewing company & delicious :D)

"We want to shoot in a pub". When I heard these words, I jumped, probably literally :D We did some shots in the pub (photo shots, no shot shots) and then went around to a couple different areas in the great city of SD.

Jen & Kevin are stellar and I am honored to know them & be shooting their wedding in May. It will be... wait for it... RAD!

And now, the radity shall be brought

Yes, i would LOVE to shoot in a pub!!
Jen & Kevin 001

Jen & Kevin 004

Jen & Kevin 005

Jen & Kevin 007

the look
Jen & Kevin 011

Jen & Kevin 012

Jen & Kevin 013

Jen & Kevin 015
Bottoms up means the pub shoot is over
Jen & Kevin 016

Shamrockers, you need to check 'em out, they rule, seriously! And I'm not saying that just because Kevin's in the band. It's science, Shamrockers will rock your sham's off!
Jen & Kevin 022

Jen & Kevin 025

Jen & Kevin 031

Jen & Kevin 032

They're San Diego superstars, truth
Jen & Kevin 034

The man
Jen & Kevin 035

The woman
Jen & Kevin 036

Jen & Kevin 037

I love it!
Jen & Kevin 041

love it the sequel!
Jen & Kevin 042

Hard work being models
Jen & Kevin 043

Jen & Kevin 044

and because I absolutely love this picture, once again, the amazing & wonderful Kevin & Jen with their city in the background.
Jen & Kevin 028


Mandy and Chris said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Will you are amazing!

Tiffany said...

Wow! The shot with the water reflection is to die for.