Friday, March 5, 2010

: Trash the Dress with Brittany & Wade

Brittany&WadeTTD 008, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

February 2010
Laguna Beach

This was awesome and that's like saying dinosaurs were kinda big lizards. It's science, this was an awesome shoot! Brittany & Wade wanted to do a day after session (which can be Trash the Dress) and we headed down to Laguna to get all wet & sandy. And have a tsunami of hotness wash up on the shore :D

Let the fun begin :)

Oranges, so so good
Brittany&WadeTTD 021

Brittany&WadeTTD 016

Brittany&WadeTTD 001

Brittany&WadeTTD 003

Brittany&WadeTTD 004

Brittany&WadeTTD 005

Brittany&WadeTTD 006

Brittany&WadeTTD 007

oh yes, this happened
Brittany&WadeTTD 009

Brittany&WadeTTD 010

Good news is it was just a wee bit of water :D
Brittany&WadeTTD 011

Brittany&WadeTTD 012

Brittany&WadeTTD 017

Brittany&WadeTTD 018

Brittany&WadeTTD 019

Day after sessions don't have to be a beach session complete with water & sand (but it is fun, Maui anyone!?) it can be anything you want & anywhere you want. If you're interested, pull out your dress, drop me an email and we'll get it all set up!

much aloha!


Unknown said...

I LOVE THESE !!!! How fun was that??? The water must of been freezing! Amazing job again Will. Now go cover Casi and Ryans big day......Can't wait for those.
You are a photo god.

Keep laughing,
Sharleen, Wades mom @:)

Kathy Langan said...

Wow after all that the dress still looks beautiful. How much fun that must have been. Love the footprints in the sand. Great photos.

Love you Gramma Kathy