Wednesday, May 12, 2010

: Random Caffeine

Random Post 002, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.
May 2010
Here, there, somewhere

I think this will be the new title of my random shots, because some of the personal pics & little things I see and shoot help give me that little extra boost, that bit o' creative caffeine as it were.

So with that, I give you my first official Random Caffeine, Bit O' Creative Caffeine (bitocc, sounds a lot like a chicken, going to stop there...), Creative Caffeine... eh, name's still in flux, I'll keep working on that. 

Aloooooha & may the mai tai's flow :D

Random Post 001

What if these were zombie koi!? Then the whole survive on the ocean thing would be toast! Remember people, double tap. Last thing you want is zombie koi all up in your business! :)
Random Post 002

I have some ideas cookin' with this one... hoping to serve a delicious dish of idea soon
Random Post 003

Slightly moist. Great band name by the way
Random Post 004

Pine trees, Aspen & willow tree's, some of my favorite. Random? Sure. Important? Not so much :D
Random Post 005

Continuing with the random...

I like mixing things, food, drinks etc. Some of it turns out good. Some, not so much. This is one that turned out awesome & I really enjoy because it has 2 of my favorite things drink wise: Pop & Rum! I call it the Orange Rumscicle.

Take a tall pint glass, pour in Orange drink (Sunkist, Fanta, Kirkland, whatev) about 80% full. Add coconut rum in so the glass is full'ish. Stir, serve on a tiki coaster and it's ridiculously good! And don't worry about the percentages, just remember mostly Orange, then coconut rum. Add in some lime for a great twist :)