Thursday, May 20, 2010

: Random Caffeine

02 Random Caffeine 02, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.
May 2010

And now, Random Caffeine, which is really just my effort to post more regularly :) Not much needed to explain the pics other than me just seeing some color, light & form and lovin' it! Mixing it up a bit by playing with the focus, trying the blur factor.

As I've been working, I've been really digging Two Door Cinema Club's new music "Tourist History" (link courtesy of Grooveshark). Take a listen, my personal favorites are "Something Good Can Work", "Do You Want It All", "I Can Talk". Fun stuff, so have a couple Distortion's (or your drink of choice), crank it up and get down with the get down. Go ahead, nobody's lookin',  and even if they are, they're just jealous. Own it!

Have a wonderful weekend party people, soak up the sun, splash around in the rain, whatever the weather, just have a blast & enjoy the day!

Mai tai wishes & twinkie filled dreams...

This is actually the front of a boat
02 Random Caffeine 01

02 Random Caffeine 03

02 Random Caffeine 04

02 Random Caffeine 05

Me geekin' it in the Bonkers Booth at Kevin & Jen's wedding :)
02 Random Caffeine 06

Much aloha!!