Thursday, January 3, 2008

PS: Danielle & Grant

This last Saturday, December 29th, was a pretty special day for me. I had the privilege of shooting my brother in law's wedding. Don't get me wrong, it was an honor to be able to capture another beautiful PS: Bride in Danielle, who is a wonderful woman and it has been a great pleasure for us to get to know her better. but I've known the Groom for a while now.

I've known Grant going on 13 years now, since he was about up to my sternum... fast forward to now, and he's returned the favor, I'm about up to his sternum :D Slight exaggeration, but not by much. Not only have I been able to witness Grant getting taller, but I've also been able to witness Grant growing up to be a fine young man as well. He comes from an amazing family, all of whom I love (especially his sister, or my wife)... and it was a day after Scott & Brynne's 5 year anniversary (my other bro-in-law, or BiL as I just now made up) and Marty & Diane's 37th anniversary (my FiL & MiL), and a whole lot of our extended family were there too! It really was an amazing and fun day, and I was an honored that I could do this for them.

I had some wonderful help, Tana Huffman of Tana Huffman Photography came down to help me capture this wonderful day, and I am so thankful for Tana and her wonderful eye!

I'll post a few favorites, but the rest will be in the slideshow and of course, feel free to go to the Pictage event #410655 (or click HERE to sign up when the pictures are released). And be sure to check out the slideshow that Ron Burt created (Danielle's BiL), you might notice some shots from their engagement sessions, and an awesome one that Ron created to look 3D, very cool! Click HERE for that slideshow... great job Ron, and ditto with the mini-van ;) Last and certainly not least, Danielle's wonderful hair was done by Dominique O'Brien from Adora Bella, she did a wonderful job!

My favorites...

A tribute to American Gothic, and Jeff Newsom, and if you don't know who Jeff is, check out his work, AMAZING! He's located on the central coast, and I actually had the honor of meeting him once at our friend Kris' wedding. Great guy and an amazing artist, truly inspiring!

one of my favorite guys shots ever...

A family portrait :D Tana got a real one, which I'm thankful for and I know my wife is! Notice our little cracker (sorry Diane :D) in the white dress, so cute!

These last two I just love, them spending a few moments alone without anyone knowing what they're saying...

and the wind blowing the veil... love it!

Slideshow: With mad props to the amazing jumpers, you all got some crazy air (and I do mean all of you!)

Thanks again to the amazing Young and Davis family, to the totally wicked wedding party (you guys were a blast to work with), and to the wonderful Tana. It was a blast, ALOHA!


Anonymous said...

It was an amazing honor to be welcomed by your family. I had a fantastic time and was so touched by the bond between Danielle and Grant. If you EVER need a second, give me a call - it was a blast working with you! You'll love some of the "Will in action" shots!! haha. Your CDs are on their way! keep in touch.

Anonymous said...


Great Photos! You have inspired my creative side... It was a blast getting to know you and the Young family. It was a wonderful wedding and I love the way you captured it!
Our as you would say... AMAZING!

Can't wait to see the rest of the photos (especially 'cause I need a new family photo for my office).

BTW, The link to the video should be

details with an "s"

Thanks again for all your help,
The "other" brother-in-law

Pam said...

Thank you Will and Tana. You are amazing to work with. The photos and the way you made the wedding party feel comfortable is great. Your creativity made the picture process fun and will be a special part of the wedding memories.

It was great meeting you and your family too.
Thanks again. (Grant's mil)