Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PS: Shanks Family


Kind. Wonderful. Salt of the Earth. Generous. Amazing... These are only a few words to describe Marsha & Wyman and the whole Shanks family. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Marsha and Wyman and the Shanks family for about 12 years. Marsha and Wyman are some of the nicest, most genuine, compassionate and all around wicked awesome people you will ever have the chance to know and the same goes for their entire family. I really can’t say enough amazing things about them, it really is an honor to call the whole family, friends. As with most families, some have moved… Michelle, Mark and their 3 boys (who are such a crack up!!) moved out to Kentucky, Scott & Alisa are out in beautiful Colorado raising their son, and Amy, Carl and their 2 boys are close by (and who’s family I did a year or two ago). But they were all out here for Christmas and wanted to do a family shoot... hmm, people that we love and pictures – okay, if I have to :D

Here's the cover of "Beautiful Families"...

I love the look on Amy's face on this one!

I had to include this one of the boys, seriously, you guys crack me up!

A huge thank you to Marsha and Wyman for being so amazing and raising such wonderful children! You are both a wonderful role models for our family and thank you for all the love and support you have shown us in the past 12 years! To the whole Shanks Family, it was wonderful to see you all again, you are all absolutely awesome! Aloha!


Sheila said...

Beautiful :)

Chickenone said...

Will - you have amazing talent. I just saw all of the pictures on pictage... they are great! Thank you so much

Will Parris said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Although seriously Michelle, you guys make it way too easy! :)