Monday, March 10, 2008

: The adventure...

Charlie with Rice cereal, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

So this weekend was pretty great, and I think I did okay :) I did get a couple call from protective services organizations checking in (thank you) but it went well, we even ate rice cereal. I was able to grab this picture from my phone, and I do have one of her after eating that was pretty great. I really do think more of it made it onto her chin and bib than anything else. Notice the wee duck in the background... hehe. But it really was great, we were able to hang with some of the other guys whose wives went on the retreat and that was a lot fun. We were gaming last night into the wee hours, there was a lot of strumming on Hard - well done fingers of fury, well done!

And Dragon Wars... wow... seriously... wow. That movie was so bad, it's good! Take Bull from Night Court (still trying to verify that), make him the evil character from 1500's and a really bad voice over so it's not his voice. Now add flashbacks of a flashback with a flashback, add in some pretty impressive dragon effects (and many not so good) with a dash of Power Rangers "action". Sprinkle with a "story" and bits of comedic relief. Soooo bad! And Charlie was asleep for this of course, ditto for Pitch Black ($10 at Target for the Riddick trilogy - score!)

It was really nice to be with my baby girl, hang with the guys and all our kids, and just bond.

Look at that face... "you really want to try this dad?" love her, so cute!! Thanks to Sarah for organizing the womens retreat and all those who helped, it sounds like everyone had a great time!

And yes, I do believe I missed a post... so... here we go again...

Aloha to all, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and your week will be phenomenal!


sandie jo salisbury said...

Charlie is so big! Can I please come take her picture again? Sounds like you had a great weekend with her! Perhaps a family photo shoot on the soon to be new porch swing! :)