Monday, March 10, 2008

: "It builds character"...

Stress is a crazy thing, it can bring the strongest to their knees, or raise you up to new heights. It can be one thing or a cluster of everything possible. Right now there is stress from a few different directions and I suppose juggling this is all part of growing up. As I always heard growing up, "it builds character" and to which we all would reply, "don't we have enough already!?" It can be consuming and frustrating and keep going in a vicious circle, eating away any joy you would receive from things you love. For me, my way of battling stress is prayer (although I must admit, I don't do this often enough, in fact it's probably in last place, no bueno), time with my family, video games / movies and of course, photography. It's a way for me to escape and put those stresses aside for that time. I am working on being more diligent about prayer, and if you know me, you know that my mind jumps all over constantly, so trying to focus and listen to God or lay it all out there is hard. I get distracted or start getting on tangents, speaking of tangents... :)

With all that said, I'm working on breaking the cycle of stress and praying for help and guidance, and then doing what I can without sacrificing that which matters to me most, my family and friends. They are such a great source of strength, smiles, laughter and support, and I hope that I can be that for them as well. Rough stretches happen, and how we respond helps to define us. We may not have the best response every time, but the fact that you face those stresses or worries is a great way to build (more) character. Even if you've had a boat load of it already...

On a much lighter and more fun note, please check out Jeff Newsom's new website, it is pretty amazing! You all know I'm a huge fan of him and his work, and his new website is phenomenal! Take a look at the magic that his site is, it's such great work and an absolutely amazing interface!! Jeff Newsom Photography

Another photo from my blackjack, the clouds the other day when I was walking back from Fashion Island mall to my day job. I really was wishing for my 5D then, but the blackjack did okay... it was a nice walk back, a wonderful change from papers, pens and numbers :)

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