Wednesday, October 28, 2009

: Central Coast & roadtrip!

central002, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

I lived in Cambria-"Pines By the Sea"-for 2 years of my life. Time wise, it was extremely short, but Cambria is pretty amazing and I think that's where my love of all the green trees, especially pine tree's & oak tree's that are covered in moss - LOVE those!! But the fog in the morning, the smell of the ocean, the variations of beach, the Grill, everything. So I got a chance to go around to some spots and just grab some pics prior to the rehearsal for Owen & Jenny.

In other news, we're going to Idaho to visit my family this week, and then my dad and I are taking a roadtrip to Kansas! :D Stoked, sounds lame, but I'm looking forward to it. Time with just Dad & I, my camera, country I haven't really seen before. It's gonna be awesome, the Mammoth Men (which seriously, check them out, a bunch of rad photog's that explode sensors for a living :D) have their trip, but I'll take my trip with my dad. So excited. Although he doesn't know he's going to be my model. hehehehe, sorry Dad! Hoping to get some Idaho portrait sessions in too... peeps, if you're interested, hit me up. I'll know more, but we're peacin out of the Spud state Tuesday.

Have a wonderful week all, I'll be posting pics up on Twitter/Facebook, so be sure to check it out. And any suggestions for places to hit along the way, be sure to send me an email or text (you can find all that info on my site)

much aloha all! enjoy the beauty of your day, look around, you'll find a ton!

aloooooooha & see you on the road!

Another for my Freeway Photography series

The court where I spent two years of my life... riding the bench. good times. thanks "coach". And hypothetically speaking, it would have been a ton of fun to sneak in there at night and play around on the court. Hypothetically of course... amazing! Go Bronco's!!

I heart the ocean! great spot, great tide pools, fun to sit & watch the waves crash. Every 7th wave was the big splasher by the way.

Cayucos, gotta love it

beauty everywhere

On the road back to SLO from Cayucos. Gorgeous rays & clouds

Water was CHILL-E! But well worth the wading




Pics from Kansas to come in soooooooon