Monday, November 2, 2009

: Road Trip & IM preview

road trip 007, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

The great road trip that was great and on the road, but not all the way done. The snow beat us, put up a great white wall of wind & flakes covering the I-80 East at Rawlins & then nailed us again on the I-70 East just past Denver. But the roundtrip of 1,870 miles was amazing. Great stories from my dad, a lot of fun, time with my dad, a great time to be out and see the country and did I mention, time with my dad!

It also allowed me some time to work on my new project, the "IM" series, which started out originally as "I aM". Most people who know me, know me as the former straw chewing, hyper, ADD, laughing all the time and having fun type guy. Which is all still true, although not so much the straws lately. So I thought I would turn the camera on me and try some experiments to show a bit more of who IM. Still working out the details and what it will look like exactly, but a preview of the rough is after the jump...

UT coming...

road trip 006

UT going...

IM 053

The set up for the exit shot of WY. Maybe, someday, posted on here... But now, here's my dad, being a champ and being my stand in. Forever West

road trip 014

WY really is beautiful. I'm still drawn to it, it's still a part of who I am

IM 034

one of my favorites from the trip. taken in WY during a break in the snow storm. windy. shake you to the bone cold. the bright golds, vivid blues and amazing colors (including gray) aren't like anywhere else. i didn't feel like i needed my glasses or contacts. seeing for days. sunsets lasting an hour. part of me. ingrained. forever west. cowboy, minus the boots & hat. farmer, minus the tractor.

IM 035

Good night all, flying back to CA tomorrow. amazing trip, wish it could last longer! We're coming back at Christmas, more time to see and do, so I think there needs to be some people's getting pictures taken in December when I'm back out.

Aloha partner! ;)