Friday, November 6, 2009

: Road Trip

RoadTrip2009 012, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

This is the first road trip I've done with my dad that I can remember. I might have done one way back in the day, but this was absolutely one to remember. Trying to set out to Kansas to see a family farm that I've always heard of, but never seen. In late October... yeah, the Parris timing as usual, was phenomenal!

WY hit with snow storms closed down the I70 East from Rawlins onward. So we pulled out my G1, and did a quick reroute, head south on the 789, hit CO and the I80 and head east - hizaaa! Except come about midnight when we finally get outside of Denver, we see signs saying the 80's closed. we still keep pushing... didn't work. We ended up staying the night in the Wal Mart parking lot. To say it was cold is like saying the sun is a little on the bright side.

Epic. Amazing. a blast! Thanks dad, I had an awesome time and am looking forward to the spring and finally getting to Kansas :D

They have a real rough view to wake up to in the morning...
RoadTrip2009 006

After being stopped, hit the truck stop or "Travel Center" complete with smoking & no smoking sections and some amazing people to just sit and watch. seriously. wow.
RoadTrip2009 011

This is the exit of WY, will forever be my sign though. Trust me. Maybe one day it will be posted, but trust me. 26 degrees is cold on the skin... just sayin
RoadTrip2009 013

Sunrise the next day in CO, after sleeping in the van in the parking lot. cold. I was triple layered & blanketed. way cold. If only I hadn't put my phone away :) Thanks again Piccini peeps!
RoadTrip2009 019

After calling it, heading back through the mountains. You'll see a picture of our windshield, grill and door in the slideshow. We rolled with our windshield like that for a while, wipers froze. bonkers!
RoadTrip2009 022

AWESOME abandoned gas station off the 789. Could have spent a while there, but we were worried about somehow getting trapped again.
RoadTrip2009 038

Back in ID, there are a few old abandoned buildings around and my Dad was kind enough to drive me around to a few of them. So many places I'd love to shoot some model-y type pics... so December... keep that open :)
RoadTrip2009 038

For the slideshow of the Road Trip and around ID, click ...::HERE::.


angie + matt said...

So Awesome, looks like it was a perfect trip!

Will Parris said...

hmmm, spam commenter, awesome... time to institute some changes...

Will Parris said...

And Sloans, mahalo mucho :D it was pretty amazing!