Friday, November 6, 2009

: IM - beginnings

IM 2009 013, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

So back on the October 22nd, I went out for a little personal project shoot. I decided it was time to turn the camera on me for no other reason than to just document me. I want this to be a personal project, and do pictures for everything that makes me who I am, trying to be a bit reflective and honest. Most all of you have seen the goofball side, and there are still a few pictures in there, but this is more about experimenting with the camera, trying different things and trying to convey who I am (or IM) through self portraits.

I'm still working on what it will look like when it's done, how I exactly want to do it, but I figure a road trip is as good as any time to start. So, here it is. A few of my dad in there, because he of course is part of who IM and more will come into play around Christmas when I get to see my family again! Stoked!

Here it is, IM - beginnings. a work in progress. just like me.

This is for my conflicted self or ADD self, not sure which yet... Taken the Friday after the inception, long exposure, timer, tripod & hand held flash
IM 2009 002

My dad, pretty amazing guy. He goes and goes and goes. One of the hardest working men I know and can tell you anything about cars. He tried to pass that along to me... I wasn't too interested. Found out his dad tried to pass along his love of geology & rocks to him, he wasn't too interested either. like father, like son I guess. Even though we've had our hard times, I still love him. I'm proud of him. Proud to be his son. We celebrate another birthday this year, New Years Day. It will rule!
IM 2009 006

I believe I just woke up from trying to nap, hard to do when you don't wanna miss a thing.
IM 2009 012

IM 2009 009

Out in the middle of a field in UT. There are times when you'd like to just pull your hat down and just plow through whatever is going on.
IM 2009 020

This is me not shaving for a few days. Actually looks scruffy. there was a time when it would take a week for shadows to show up. not so much any more. It's getting a little out of hand.
IM 2009 030

All the above images, with the exception of the "Hat Down" pic were taken with a 50/1.4. Hat Down was a 16-35/2.8. And the below pic was taken with my Lensbaby Composer with the 2.8 ap ring in. Love that lens, need to use it more often!
IM 2009 030

And of course, too many serious or non bonkers faces just don't work :)
IM 2009 031

And yes, there is a little patch of gray on my chin. I have a little gray patch on the right side of my head (I think), but I have now developed one on my chin. stoked. no really. woo. :D

For the complete set, be sure to check out the slideshow ..::HERE::.. here's to getting personal!


Carrie Hasson said...

These are AMAZING! What an awesome and difficult project to take on...fascinating! And really really love the pics of your dad, they are so timeless. Can't wait to see more from the IM project!

Angela said...

like it love it, now you're finally stepping into the vain side hahaha. j/k I love taking self portraits your your own worst critic most of the time! you have a natural photography gift will. give your girls a hug from Ang :) miss you guys

Ryel j said...

I hark the same as the rad commenters above... These are amazing. I tried to pick my favorite head shot of you... but couldn't. Way to be real!!

ohana photographers said...

cool beans wp!

ohana photographers said...

cool beans wp!

Will Parris said...

thanks guys, much appreciated!! kinda weird to be on this side, but it's a fun project, well, fun now, but we'll see how fun it will be as time goes on. but i'm enjoying the challenge of it :)