Wednesday, October 21, 2009

: Mr. & Mrs. Owen & Jenny Main

O+J Preview, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.


October is a wonderful month. Fall is starting to show up, it starts to get all nice & chilly out (minus the occasional heat wave), it's my birthday month, and now - Owen & Jenny's *official* declaration of their vows. I say *official* because they've been married for a little bit already, did it on their lunch break at the court house :D But this was the official, let's-rock-Cayucos-and-the-Central-Coast-with-our-awesomeness-day. Or LRCATCCWOAD. Whichever you prefer.

These two are loved, a TON! Some of the best toasts I have heard at any wedding, hands down. I count myself among those that raised their hands who would do anything they asked. Owen & Jenny are amazing, wonderful people! Both the Livingston & Main family did a wonderful job with raising such amazing people!!

And a huge thank you to Ely Roberts of Ely Roberts Photography for coming out and shooting with me! Small world - he knows Joaquin Garcia, boomtastic man of many talents (including emceeing, brotha brings it!) It was great to get to shoot with such an awesome guy - mahalo Ely, it was my pleasure!

And now, the meteor shower of awesome!

All the details & food were amazing, get a hold of these people!
Sprigs N’Things
DJ Bob Stock from Phase 1 Mobile DJ
Nicole Boughton (officiant)
Vet’s Hall
Cass House
Parris Studios (me, aloha!)

Ely Roberts (new photo brother, awesome!)

Amazing venue!
OwenJenny 023


Loved Jenny's dress!
OwenJenny 003

OwenJenny 006

OwenJenny 009

Always so serious...
OwenJenny 024

And by always so serious, I mean not really at all, which rules!
OwenJenny 025

OwenJenny 028

Love this one...
OwenJenny 032

...and this one...
OwenJenny 034

...and this one...
OwenJenny 041

OwenJenny 056

OwenJenny 057

I'm not saying there's any grabbing going on here, but if there were, it was comedy. And not the only time...
OwenJenny 062

OwenJenny 067

OwenJenny 069

OwenJenny 071

OwenJenny 072

OwenJenny 083

Owen & Jenny, much aloha to you both! You're absolutely wonderful and I can't thank you enough! Alooooooha!!
OwenJenny 084


Ely Roberts said...

sweet man!

Ely Roberts said...

ha, just read your post. you're the man. hope we can hang again, had fun!

ohana photographers said...

lovin the bg will!!

Audra said...

You never cease to amaze me! Great photo's and a beautiful couple...Owen doesn't seem to have changed at all since high school!!