Monday, April 7, 2008

: Monterey trip

Monterey001, originally uploaded by Parris Studios:.

I'm sure there will be more later, but I'm including some of my favorites and then a slideshow of some more of my favorites, so many great pictures and great stories, it was an absolute blast! I nabbed the above picture on the way up, I loved the hills with the yellow and the amazing tree, took a gamble at 70 mph and I LOVE how it turned out!!

From the "EEEEE" of Jess in pictures (that was passed on to all of us) to the great Hot Mess debate to the little kid you'll see walking up a sandy hill. This was after the little man was going absolutely NUTS screaming "I want my swim trunks!" and then proceeding to throw his shoes and socks in the ocean. It was a pretty phenomenal tantrum to say the least!!

This was an AMAZING spot, chairs just sitting out in the river, the cold, COLD, COOOOLD river, but it was so perfect!! So I had to grab a couple of pics of the peeps...

A Belly pic in the frigid water (she was sitting of course)...

A shame they don't love each other so much (said with ExTREME sarcasm!)

Stevenson house, which had a beautiful garden and a creepy upstairs that's supposed to be haunted. Of course, that area is roped off and it did feel a little chilly right there... weird!

A lot of favorites in this series...


This is one of my absolute favorite shots ever, just love it!!

Right before we got in the car to head home after a phenomenal weekend!!

Here's the slideshow, you'll notice some great shots of Jess at the Aquarium and a great close up of her and a lot of other general awesomeness! Give it a second to load all the way and then enjoy! Aloha!


Sarah said...

oh i love all the pictures!! And very nice song choice for the slide show!! :) We need to get you our pictures as well, there are some really great ones of you and Jess! Good Times!


sandie jo salisbury said...

you are so good at this thing we call photography! LOVE the roots on the tree, the refection on the water, the shadows on Jess.. the cool trees in the night sky! Awesome, beautiful pics of you wife!

Angela said...

I love the pic of you and Jess Jessica looks HOT. You are one very lucky guy. Looks like you had a great weekend I am glad you got to get away. I posted a pic of the kiddos from the after party at Emily's house :)

Will Parris said...

Thanks Sarah, Sandie and sAngela (sorry, had to keep the theme going :D) I appreciate it!!

Anonymous said...

Will!! I am always blown away by your pics!!! AMAZING!!! And Charlie is Adorable!! Post some more of her!!! :-)