Sunday, April 6, 2008

: We're back!

It was a phenomenal trip with wonderful people and a wonderful location - the journey and destination rocked! I'm importing the pictures now, but there were a lot of fun and awesome pictures and thanks to Sarah, Jude and of course, my lovely wife for all my "oooh", and just rapid firing moments! We are home now though, our beautiful daughter is in her room sleeping like the little cherub she is and we're trying to get everything set so we can go to bed too - worn OUT!

Pictures coming soon, but until then -

Hot mess.
I want my swim trunks!!

All great stories, probably to us, and my horrible verbal communication of that will be tested... Jude & Sarah, thank you, it was an absolute honor to go with you, you two are truly amazing and wonderful people! Joshua is lucky to have such wonderful parents!!

Aloha & good NIGHT!